Language Choices

We recognize that language can shape perceptions and attitudes. Our intention is to write in a way that is respectful of people. We use the terms ‘neurodivergent people’ or ‘people with neurodevelopmental conditions’.  There is no one umbrella term that has consensus. We recognise that language is continually evolving and will update accordingly if needed.

The word ‘typically developing’ or neurotypical is used for populations without neurodevelopmental conditions or neurodivergence. We refer to the social model of identify first when this is recommended. We use ‘disabled person’ or ‘autistic person’. Sometimes a person-first may be used; e.g. person with epilepsy or person with ADHD. 

We use recommendations on terminology from: National Autistic Society; ADHD Foundation; SCOPE Equality for Disabled People; UK Government Guidance on Inclusive Language; a discussion on neurodiversity at the Royal College of Psychiatrists ; definition of terms from Scotland’s National Autism Implemention Team (Cambridge University Press) and MENCAP.