For parents of neurodiverse children

We are a charity for children with complex neurodevelopmental conditions and their families.

What we do

It is our goal to help neurodivergent children and their families to lead fulfilling lives. We raise awareness, provide practical information, and contribute to research and education. Our services do not include individual advice. Our charity highlights the strengths of neurodivergent children. We encourage a more joined up approach unique to each person.

News for 2024

National Lottery Community Fund

We were successful in getting a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to develop signposting information on the website. We will focus on positive aspects of neurodivergence such as hyperlexia. Find out more about hyperlexia in our online page. We are also developing a children’s picture book. This will be available online later in 2024.

Parent survey

Many thanks for those who took part in our survey for 2024. We had nearly 400 responses from parents. We are analysing the responses to the online questions, and will put the findings on this website in the autumn. 

PIF Tick awarded!

We are pleased to announce that we have successful met the requirements of the PIF quality mark. This is a UK-wide quality mark for trusted health information. We have met the 10 key steps to produce reliable, evidence-based, accessible content. Further information is available here at the PIF (Patient Information Forum).

More health information on complex neurodevelopmental conditions will be available later in the year.